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Ways to Celebrate Your Anniversary Meaningfully On A Budget

An anniversary is a great milestone that calls for a celebration. You don’t need a lot of
money to show your loved one that you love her or him. A little creativity is what you need
to spend the special day with meaning.

Here are some creative ideas that you can do:

Special breakfast in bed
Wake your spouse with the aroma of coffee and delicious foods. Place her favourite flower
on the tray and add a celebratory cake or cupcake.

Initiate an exciting scavenger hunt with funny clues
If your spouse loves flea market shopping and adventure, treat her with a DIY scavenger
hunt in the town or a nearby town. You will go home with lots of wonderful stuff.

Have a coffee date
Instead of costly dinner in a restaurant, why not date your spouse in a cosy cafe which
serves great-tasting coffee and pastries. If she is a coffee lover, she would be more

Tour an art gallery
Learn something new by taking your spouse to an art gallery. Become inspired by the
creations of artistic people. It can be the start of tours that you can plan together.

Write a love letter
Pour your feelings in a love letter. It is the surest way to make her happy and the least
expensive, too!

Watch a movie
Have a movie date on your anniversary. Make it special by taking her to the theatre where
you first dated her.

Record a video professing your love
Using your cell phone or webcam, record a sweet message to your spouse. Tell him/her of
her special qualities that you appreciate. Thank your partner for taking care of you, loving,
and supporting you throughout the years.

Have a stroll around time
Dress up and stroll hand-in-hand around town. Just be yourselves, forget the busyness and
be like teenagers. Go to places that are memorable to both of you like where your first kiss
happened or where she said yes.

Surprise your spouse by initiating simple but meaningful ways to celebrate your
anniversary. Of course, a special gift will add more significance to your annual milestone.

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