• Reasons Why Couple Prefer Garden Wedding

    One of the main decisions that couples must do before everything else is to decide where to
    get married. The traditional choice is a church wedding and another venue for the
    reception. Others prefer to do the wedding ceremony and the reception in one venue. One
    of the most popular outdoor choices is a garden wedding.

    Here are the reasons why:

    #1- A garden is pretty as it is
    There is something magical in a garden. It has a distinct beauty that fills the heart of
    everyone. It only requires simple decors, flowers, and chairs to enhance the venue. It
    exudes an intimate vibe that lingers to everyone.

    #2- It is an open space
    It can accommodate any number of wedding guests. Prepping and entertaining your invites
    are easier. Since it is an open space, you can have a fun photo booth area or lounge set up.

    #3- It caters the ceremony and reception of the wedding
    A garden wedding eliminates the hassle of transferring from one venue to another. It
    allows your guests to enjoy the wedding moments continuously.

    #4- It provides natural lighting
    Lighting is vital to photographers and videographers who are capturing your precious
    moments. An outdoor wedding guarantees natural light of the sun which they allow them
    to take the perfect shots that you will treasure for a lifetime.

    #5- It suits couples who love nature
    Whether you prefer a morning or late afternoon wedding, basking in the sun and enjoying
    the gentle breeze of the wind are big factors for The natural ambience is very relaxing for

    everyone. Nature also offers countless wedding backdrops for the wedded couple and the

    Finally, a garden wedding offers unlimited styling possibilities. It is easier for your
    wedding planner to transform it into a themed event with a unique character.