• Brides and Their Weird Confessions On The Wedding Day

    Every wedding is a special day for the groom and bride. They want to make everything
    perfect up to the smallest details. They are more hands-on during the preparation, infusing
    cool things to make the event unforgettable and unique.

    Here are some confessions of brides demonstrating how they found ways to make their
    weddings memorable for everyone:

    Bride #1 – She changed her outfit 5 times
    She is a designer, so she wanted to infuse her passion during her wedding.  She had 5
    extravagant and stylish dresses for the reception. Bride number 1 changed her dress every
    hour until midnight.

    Bride #2 – Offered different kinds of meals
    She and her fiancé attended 12 weddings prior to their own. They said that the foods
    sucked. They do not want their guests to experience the same, so they want to have a
    variety of foods from their favorite restaurants. They would have a salad bar, a taco bar, a
    breadstick bar, a Big Mac station, a pizza bar, and a lot more.

    Bride #3 – Rented Arcade Games
    Their first date was in a bar which is also an arcade. They played Pac-Man, Dance Dance
    Revolution, and air hockey. They rented 10 different old-school arcade games for an
    interactive and fun reception. The theme reflected their love story.

    Bride #4 – Hired performers
    To spice up their wedding, she and her groom hired professional party dancers, a stand-up
    comedian, acrobats, and a magician. They wanted their guests to have an enjoyable, goofy
    time during the reception.

    Bride #5 – Get the services of a petting zoo
    The couple loves animals. They decided to include a mini zoo during the cocktail hours.
    They hired the local petting zoo to handle it.

    Bride #6 – Provided a beach vibe
    Instead of traditional chairs and roundtables, they chose to go for mattresses with cool
    fabric covers. They had a buffet and let their guests relaxed during the reception.

    Create a unique wedding to celebrate your love. Be creative and have fun.