• Tips to Advertise Your Event Planning Business For Free

    Marketing is essential to any business ventures. The traditional advertisements can be
    costly. If your event planning business is still in its honeymoon stage, paying for a
    radio/TV/print advertisement is a burden. Better to find ways of promoting it without
    paying a fee.

    By being creative and exploring the immediate opportunities, you can build an audience
    which can be your potential customers. Here are some simple yet effective strategies to
    create awareness:

    Ask and Approach
    During local events fairs or expos, approach vendors and ask them if you can leave your
    business brochures in their booth. Talk to people who are visiting the event and give them
    your brochures and calling cards.

    If you have a previous engagement with the vendors or event place owner, ask if you can
    post photos of an event showcasing your designs on their social media account. In that way,
    you both advertise your individual venture.

    Go Digital
    Create a page on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram to post photos and videos,
    share your blogs, and promote your event planning business. Set up a YouTube channel or
    a Pinterest board. Keep your social media accounts active to ensure online presence.

    Grow your digital footprint by enlisting your business with popular online directories.

    Email Marketing
    Send emails to your friends and acquaintances telling them of your new business. When
    you are around people in social events, give them your business cards and ask for their
    email addresses. Send mass emails to all your contacts if you have new services or promos.

    Look for community organizations who accept volunteers. Help them organize the event in
    exchange of including your business to the list of sponsors. Your business will get exposure
    when organizers promote their event.

    Ask for referrals
    Referral is part of sales and marketing strategies. It is considered a warm lead. Many
    people trust event planners who have done an excellent service to their loved ones.

    Advertise yourself
    Text or call your friend. Tell them your new venture. Send some photos and ask them if
    they know people who are looking for event planners.

    There are many strategies to promote your event planning business. Choose the most
    practical and easiest ways to reach your potential clients.