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Expectations VS Realities: Life in Event Planning

Movies play a big role in our lives especially if we are looking for ideas in business or as a
career path. It can be ideal, inspiring and a goal-getter. Some entertaining movies that
portray or quick feature a life in event planning are Bride Wars, Brides Maids, 27 Dresses,
and The Ugly Truth.

However, no matter how good each movie you watch, it does not reflect the reality when
you chose event planning as your business niche or a career path.


Expectation: Since you are goal oriented, organized and financial savvy, you think that you
can handle everything especially when it comes to budgeting. Client’s budget for the event
is enough.

Reality: In printing invitations, almost half amount of the client’s budget is not enough,
the tendency you will look for alternatives. You will start negotiating with the suppliers and
ask for pricing considerations from your networks.

Choosing a theme

Expectation: Since you are a party-goer, choosing the proper theme for the event will be

Reality: Client has declined your chosen theme for the event. In this case, you will have to
prepare multiple selections for their perusal like the Western theme, Hollywood, medieval, and
masquerade. Most of the time, selecting the theme for the event is indeed time-consuming.

On the event day

Expectation: Everything will go smoothly and perfectly fine! Suppliers are on their way to
the venue and everyone has sets of food that we order.

Reality: Just when you thought you would no longer feel stress on the event day, everything
is ruined! When some of the guests arrived with their spouse or friends that are not
included on the guest list, In line with this, the number of foods, chairs, souvenirs are
suddenly inadequate for everybody.

In event planning, you must expect the unexpected and you have to be keen in every detail
to conduct an ideal event for your client.

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