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  • 5 Smart Tips for Organizing an Art Event

    A well-organized art event can leave a lasting memory. And though it may be fun for participants, artists, and attendees, it will not be easy to pull it off. Art and crafts events usually have a theme of involving everyone in the local community. This means you have to manage a lot of people who are bound to share and connect. This means nobody should feel that they are pressured to buy or sell. Not only should you be able to provide a unique environment, but you should also assure a friendly atmosphere. Here are tips to do just that.

    Involve Your Local Community

    An art event can reach more people than you could anticipate. You can invite all of your creative friends and connect to local art organizations. This way, you can provide a variety of options to the attendees. You can invite painters, photographers, wood sculptors, paper sculpture artists, and other artists who use various media in their work. Additionally, connect with other organizations, local charities, and local business sponsors to help out too. In return, you can help to raise donations during the event. Local businesses can also promote their brand while also giving away simple freebies.

    Plan Up to the Last Detail

    It is vital to creating a to-do list. You have too many things to consider and you can’t afford to overlook something. A small detail now can grow into a big concern at the event itself. Consider the event area, parking, number of artists, event day and time, decors, signs, marketing and promotions, people to contact and crowd management.

    Find an Event Anchor

    Every event needs a well-known artist who pull people together – an anchor artist. Connect with an anchor artist a few months before an event. This can ensure that the artist has free time to attend the event. This will instantly create a buzz in the art community and will give it more credibility.

    Make a Catchy Name

    The name of your event can incite interests, curiosity and an instant vibe. Find a theme and a name that will be both catchy and memorable for the local community. You can also choose a name that actually describes the event. Let’s say you want to focus in food art, then you can use “Eat Your Art Out” as your event name. If your event is about visual art, you can name it as “Arts Therapy,” “Disquiet Art,” or “Gift Art a Home.”


    The more people who know the event, the more attendees and participants will join in. You have to create a social media page for the event, print flyers, and posters, send emails and even create a webpage if you can. Make your promotions consistent no matter the medium you use.

    Organizing an art event will take a lot of time, effort, patience, and planning. It can also cause anxiety when things are not done as planned. However, take note that some things out of your plan are bound to happen. Keep your cool and always handle things in the most professional way.

    This way you can create the best and most memorable art event your community will talk about.

  • Expectations VS Realities: Life in Event Planning

    Movies play a big role in our lives especially if we are looking for ideas in business or as a
    career path. It can be ideal, inspiring and a goal-getter. Some entertaining movies that
    portray or quick feature a life in event planning are Bride Wars, Brides Maids, 27 Dresses,
    and The Ugly Truth.

    However, no matter how good each movie you watch, it does not reflect the reality when
    you chose event planning as your business niche or a career path.


    Expectation: Since you are goal oriented, organized and financial savvy, you think that you
    can handle everything especially when it comes to budgeting. Client’s budget for the event
    is enough.

    Reality: In printing invitations, almost half amount of the client’s budget is not enough,
    the tendency you will look for alternatives. You will start negotiating with the suppliers and
    ask for pricing considerations from your networks.

    Choosing a theme

    Expectation: Since you are a party-goer, choosing the proper theme for the event will be

    Reality: Client has declined your chosen theme for the event. In this case, you will have to
    prepare multiple selections for their perusal like the Western theme, Hollywood, medieval, and
    masquerade. Most of the time, selecting the theme for the event is indeed time-consuming.

    On the event day

    Expectation: Everything will go smoothly and perfectly fine! Suppliers are on their way to
    the venue and everyone has sets of food that we order.

    Reality: Just when you thought you would no longer feel stress on the event day, everything
    is ruined! When some of the guests arrived with their spouse or friends that are not
    included on the guest list, In line with this, the number of foods, chairs, souvenirs are
    suddenly inadequate for everybody.

    In event planning, you must expect the unexpected and you have to be keen in every detail
    to conduct an ideal event for your client.

  • Most Common Requested Corporate Events and its Purpose

    Planning to establish a business event management with entertaining hosts, marketing
    strategist and network specialist, you should familiarize everyone in your team about the
    different types of most requested corporate party.

    Understanding the different types of most requested corporate events enables you to
    thoroughly plan, strategize and implement the exact requirements for the client’s needs
    such as the following:
    • Venue
    • Number of expected guests
    • Interior design
    • Marketing Promotion
    • Catering service
    • Proper Souvenirs for the attendees and special speakers

    The different types of the corporate party are as follows:
    1. Team Building
    This is once a year event, which boosts the relationship of all employees as well as the
    executive team and employer. Usually, this is conducted in an outdoor venue for interactive
    games and camping which require an overnight stay. While at other times, team building is
    conducted in an exclusive venue and that will only run for hours.

    2. Product Launch
    This is usually common for companies who are into business to consumer or also known as
    B2C like Razer, TWG, Osim and Akira in Singapore. This type of corporate party needs to be
    energetic, enticing and engaging, since there are multiple media companies that will attend and to get a scope of the event. Companies conduct product launch to introduce the newest
    items they have and soon be available in the market.

    3. Trade Shows
    In consumers’ end, attending trade shows is finding perfect providers of products and
    services needed at both home and office. While trade shows are one of the biggest
    a corporate party where hundreds of vendors [are highlighting] highlight products and
    services on their designated booths.
    The trade show is also one of the corporate events where promotion, advertising and
    opportunities for speakers are held in larger venues that last for two to three days. The
    duration of this event depends on the company’s budget.

  • Tips to Advertise Your Event Planning Business For Free

    Marketing is essential to any business ventures. The traditional advertisements can be
    costly. If your event planning business is still in its honeymoon stage, paying for a
    radio/TV/print advertisement is a burden. Better to find ways of promoting it without
    paying a fee.

    By being creative and exploring the immediate opportunities, you can build an audience
    which can be your potential customers. Here are some simple yet effective strategies to
    create awareness:

    Ask and Approach
    During local events fairs or expos, approach vendors and ask them if you can leave your
    business brochures in their booth. Talk to people who are visiting the event and give them
    your brochures and calling cards.

    If you have a previous engagement with the vendors or event place owner, ask if you can
    post photos of an event showcasing your designs on their social media account. In that way,
    you both advertise your individual venture.

    Go Digital
    Create a page on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram to post photos and videos,
    share your blogs, and promote your event planning business. Set up a YouTube channel or
    a Pinterest board. Keep your social media accounts active to ensure online presence.

    Grow your digital footprint by enlisting your business with popular online directories.

    Email Marketing
    Send emails to your friends and acquaintances telling them of your new business. When
    you are around people in social events, give them your business cards and ask for their
    email addresses. Send mass emails to all your contacts if you have new services or promos.

    Look for community organizations who accept volunteers. Help them organize the event in
    exchange of including your business to the list of sponsors. Your business will get exposure
    when organizers promote their event.

    Ask for referrals
    Referral is part of sales and marketing strategies. It is considered a warm lead. Many
    people trust event planners who have done an excellent service to their loved ones.

    Advertise yourself
    Text or call your friend. Tell them your new venture. Send some photos and ask them if
    they know people who are looking for event planners.

    There are many strategies to promote your event planning business. Choose the most
    practical and easiest ways to reach your potential clients.

  • Ways to Celebrate Your Anniversary Meaningfully On A Budget

    An anniversary is a great milestone that calls for a celebration. You don’t need a lot of
    money to show your loved one that you love her or him. A little creativity is what you need
    to spend the special day with meaning.

    Here are some creative ideas that you can do:

    Special breakfast in bed
    Wake your spouse with the aroma of coffee and delicious foods. Place her favourite flower
    on the tray and add a celebratory cake or cupcake.

    Initiate an exciting scavenger hunt with funny clues
    If your spouse loves flea market shopping and adventure, treat her with a DIY scavenger
    hunt in the town or a nearby town. You will go home with lots of wonderful stuff.

    Have a coffee date
    Instead of costly dinner in a restaurant, why not date your spouse in a cosy cafe which
    serves great-tasting coffee and pastries. If she is a coffee lover, she would be more

    Tour an art gallery
    Learn something new by taking your spouse to an art gallery. Become inspired by the
    creations of artistic people. It can be the start of tours that you can plan together.

    Write a love letter
    Pour your feelings in a love letter. It is the surest way to make her happy and the least
    expensive, too!

    Watch a movie
    Have a movie date on your anniversary. Make it special by taking her to the theatre where
    you first dated her.

    Record a video professing your love
    Using your cell phone or webcam, record a sweet message to your spouse. Tell him/her of
    her special qualities that you appreciate. Thank your partner for taking care of you, loving,
    and supporting you throughout the years.

    Have a stroll around time
    Dress up and stroll hand-in-hand around town. Just be yourselves, forget the busyness and
    be like teenagers. Go to places that are memorable to both of you like where your first kiss
    happened or where she said yes.

    Surprise your spouse by initiating simple but meaningful ways to celebrate your
    anniversary. Of course, a special gift will add more significance to your annual milestone.

  • Brides and Their Weird Confessions On The Wedding Day

    Every wedding is a special day for the groom and bride. They want to make everything
    perfect up to the smallest details. They are more hands-on during the preparation, infusing
    cool things to make the event unforgettable and unique.

    Here are some confessions of brides demonstrating how they found ways to make their
    weddings memorable for everyone:

    Bride #1 – She changed her outfit 5 times
    She is a designer, so she wanted to infuse her passion during her wedding.  She had 5
    extravagant and stylish dresses for the reception. Bride number 1 changed her dress every
    hour until midnight.

    Bride #2 – Offered different kinds of meals
    She and her fiancé attended 12 weddings prior to their own. They said that the foods
    sucked. They do not want their guests to experience the same, so they want to have a
    variety of foods from their favorite restaurants. They would have a salad bar, a taco bar, a
    breadstick bar, a Big Mac station, a pizza bar, and a lot more.

    Bride #3 – Rented Arcade Games
    Their first date was in a bar which is also an arcade. They played Pac-Man, Dance Dance
    Revolution, and air hockey. They rented 10 different old-school arcade games for an
    interactive and fun reception. The theme reflected their love story.

    Bride #4 – Hired performers
    To spice up their wedding, she and her groom hired professional party dancers, a stand-up
    comedian, acrobats, and a magician. They wanted their guests to have an enjoyable, goofy
    time during the reception.

    Bride #5 – Get the services of a petting zoo
    The couple loves animals. They decided to include a mini zoo during the cocktail hours.
    They hired the local petting zoo to handle it.

    Bride #6 – Provided a beach vibe
    Instead of traditional chairs and roundtables, they chose to go for mattresses with cool
    fabric covers. They had a buffet and let their guests relaxed during the reception.

    Create a unique wedding to celebrate your love. Be creative and have fun.

  • Reasons Why Couple Prefer Garden Wedding

    One of the main decisions that couples must do before everything else is to decide where to
    get married. The traditional choice is a church wedding and another venue for the
    reception. Others prefer to do the wedding ceremony and the reception in one venue. One
    of the most popular outdoor choices is a garden wedding.

    Here are the reasons why:

    #1- A garden is pretty as it is
    There is something magical in a garden. It has a distinct beauty that fills the heart of
    everyone. It only requires simple decors, flowers, and chairs to enhance the venue. It
    exudes an intimate vibe that lingers to everyone.

    #2- It is an open space
    It can accommodate any number of wedding guests. Prepping and entertaining your invites
    are easier. Since it is an open space, you can have a fun photo booth area or lounge set up.

    #3- It caters the ceremony and reception of the wedding
    A garden wedding eliminates the hassle of transferring from one venue to another. It
    allows your guests to enjoy the wedding moments continuously.

    #4- It provides natural lighting
    Lighting is vital to photographers and videographers who are capturing your precious
    moments. An outdoor wedding guarantees natural light of the sun which they allow them
    to take the perfect shots that you will treasure for a lifetime.

    #5- It suits couples who love nature
    Whether you prefer a morning or late afternoon wedding, basking in the sun and enjoying
    the gentle breeze of the wind are big factors for The natural ambience is very relaxing for

    everyone. Nature also offers countless wedding backdrops for the wedded couple and the

    Finally, a garden wedding offers unlimited styling possibilities. It is easier for your
    wedding planner to transform it into a themed event with a unique character.