• Most Common Requested Corporate Events and its Purpose

    Planning to establish a business event management with entertaining hosts, marketing
    strategist and network specialist, you should familiarize everyone in your team about the
    different types of most requested corporate party.

    Understanding the different types of most requested corporate events enables you to
    thoroughly plan, strategize and implement the exact requirements for the client’s needs
    such as the following:
    • Venue
    • Number of expected guests
    • Interior design
    • Marketing Promotion
    • Catering service
    • Proper Souvenirs for the attendees and special speakers

    The different types of the corporate party are as follows:
    1. Team Building
    This is once a year event, which boosts the relationship of all employees as well as the
    executive team and employer. Usually, this is conducted in an outdoor venue for interactive
    games and camping which require an overnight stay. While at other times, team building is
    conducted in an exclusive venue and that will only run for hours.

    2. Product Launch
    This is usually common for companies who are into business to consumer or also known as
    B2C like Razer, TWG, Osim and Akira in Singapore. This type of corporate party needs to be
    energetic, enticing and engaging, since there are multiple media companies that will attend and to get a scope of the event. Companies conduct product launch to introduce the newest
    items they have and soon be available in the market.

    3. Trade Shows
    In consumers’ end, attending trade shows is finding perfect providers of products and
    services needed at both home and office. While trade shows are one of the biggest
    a corporate party where hundreds of vendors [are highlighting] highlight products and
    services on their designated booths.
    The trade show is also one of the corporate events where promotion, advertising and
    opportunities for speakers are held in larger venues that last for two to three days. The
    duration of this event depends on the company’s budget.